Palmetto Bluff Guide - Conservation

The Conservancy was part of Palmetto Bluff homes for sale. Over 400 years ago, William Hilton discovered a piece of nature so diverse and stunning that he called it home. Today Palmetto Bluff is proud to honor this founder by preserving the land exactly as it was seen so long ago. The Conservancy was established in 2003 to ensure nature was honored throughout the development of Palmetto Bluff. The convergence of the May River, Cooper River and New River has created a geographically significant ecosystem with thriving wildlife, marshlands and ancient forests. When Crescent Communities purchased the land from Union-Camp company, they chose to build half the amount of homes previously planned and worked in unison with the Conservancy to give them the opportunity to maintain the integrity and beauty for the residents of Palmetto Bluff.

The Conservancy is not simply comprised of nature lovers. They are a team of PH.D. scientists and archeologists who bring the history of the area to life and protect the stories of the original inhabitants. To bring the culture of the area to its current visitors, Dr. Mary Socci runs the history center where ancient artifacts, maps and miniature exhibits tell a story going back 12,000 years ago to 10,000 B.C. when the land was silent, following the indigenous Native Americans and recounting events up to present day.

In an effort to teach residents about their new home, the Conservancy team also maintains several research programs where they survey local wildlife such as alligators, turtles and white-tailed deer. There is a large avian preservation and a current study of migrating bald eagles in the area as well. Residents are encouraged to participate in the studies if they like or to review the results in any of the informal discussions or public presentations.

If simply viewing the splendor of nature from the comfort of your terrace is preferred, the Conservancy understands, and that is why they are involved in every step of the building process. In order to maintain and enhance the biodiversity of Palmetto Bluff, every site plan stringently adheres to environmental data and conservation techniques. The Conservancy will guide owners on green building practices to ensure the nature you fell in love with is still alive and well when your dream home is complete.

To continue to stay informed, there are a variety of classes and hands-on research outings that are offered to learn about the wildlife in the area, such as the Habitat Review Workshop. Life in Palmetto Bluff was designed to keep the tether with nature that much of the modern day has lost. Whether staying intimate with the workings of the Conservancy or simply taking a moment each day to traverse the varied terrain around you, the great outdoors has never been more accessible.

Even the village has a seamless integration to the land around it. Gentle bridges arc over babbling streams, gas lamps softly light the night and each restaurant, store and even the pub were designed to enhance the surrounding South Carolina wetlands.

Palmetto Bluff isn’t a community and a nature preserve. It is a community within a preserve.