Palmetto Bluff Guide – On the water

If you have chosen to live in South Carolina, one of the many incentives you must have considered is its extensive waterways and access to the sea. When Palmetto Bluff was laid out, the plethora of rivers, lagoons and marsh lands was integral to the final design, not only from a conservation stand-point but also for the sheer beauty of the water. There is much more than gazing at the gentle reflections along the shore. Palmetto Bluff real estate incorporated life near the water with life on the water!

Most of the establishments in Palmetto Bluff, from restaurants to homes, are built to take advantage of the many breathtaking views of the lagoon or the May River. There’s nothing quite like watching the sun set over the water while sipping a wine on the lawn of the River House Lounge or for the cherished homes whose sweeping terrace offers the graceful treat of a heron gliding through the lagoon.

To get a more intimate view and a little exercise, grab a paddle board and slide across the water’s surface. Whether you are setting out for quiet meditation or have your rod and reel set for catching lunch, an afternoon spent in the calm repetition of paddling and balance is sure to melt the stress of the outside world into a distant memory.

For a less vigorous voyage, try a kayak or canoe! Let the waters carry you away while you chat with a friend, share a little romance or experience the solitude of nature. With 32 miles of waterfront property, the view will never get old. To make a day of it, try packing up a lunch and heading over to the sandbar for nature’s peep show. The hidden beach is only revealed twice a day as the tide waters ebb and flow on this temporary island.

If living off the land by simply casting a line is a preferred pastime, then head to any of the numerous lakes or ponds on the property that have been stocked with bass and bream! For a larger excursion, head to the dry docks and take a boat to sea for a chance at tarpon, cobia, redfish or sea trout. If you go to Wilson Landing, they will let you know about all the options for tours and cruises. You can even join a fly-fishing class to give an old sport a new angle!

Then there are those moments in life when a true celebration is simply better given on a boat. That is why Grace is available for tours or private charters. Grace is not any old boat. She is one of the last pre-World War I, fully restored, 1913, 60-foot antique, gas powered, motor yachts left in the world! She is absolutely stunning from her pristine remodel to her colorfully, sordid past, including a short stint in show business! Could there be a better boat to host the gala of the year?

Whether you love fresh water or salt water, epic views from the shoreline or changing scenery as you float with the current, Palmetto Bluff has crafted endless options for a life by the water.