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    Port Royal Plantation Homes for Sale

    Hilton Head Island’s scenic coastal town lies alongside the breathtaking beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. This exclusive community called Port Royal Plantation, is known for its rich history, idyllic locale, and vibrant neighborhood life. Many have found their dream home here.


    Port Royal Plantation has an extraordinary legacy dating back to colonial America. Once known as Hilton Head Plantation, it was one of the initial settlements on Hilton Head Island and played an instrumental role in shaping its culture and heritage.

    European settlers first arriving on Hilton Head Island were welcomed with lush landscapes and an abundance of natural resources that would soon come to define the region. Native American tribes who had long called this land home welcomed European settlers with open arms, sharing their knowledge about its abundance.

    As the plantation expanded, so did its influence. With fertile soil and ideal climate conditions providing ideal conditions for cultivating indigo, rice and cotton crops – leading to the establishment of an extensive slave labor force that was integral to its success.

    Over time, the plantation flourished and expanded into what we know today as Port Royal Plantation. It earned its current moniker due to its close association with historic Port Royal Sound – an ancient natural harbor which played an essential part in shaping Bermuda’s maritime history.

    Port Royal Plantation holds an extensive legacy and strong connections to Hilton Head Island’s past, and residents feel immersed in its rich fabric of history every day. From charming architecture reminiscent of plantation days to stories passed down from generation to generation, residents experience all aspects of Hilton Head’s heritage in one place.

    Wandering through a plantation’s grounds is like taking a step back in time. Strolling along its tree-lined pathways, visitors can imagine what life was like for early settlers who worked the land to form this community. Historic landmarks like the plantation house and old slave quarters give glimpses into daily lives lived hundreds ago here.

    Hilton Head Island and the plantation’s history are intimately connected. During the Civil War, Union forces used Hilton Head as a strategic base to launch attacks against Confederate strongholds nearby; remnants of fortifications can still be seen today as reminders of Hilton Head’s wartime past.

    Today, Port Royal Plantation stands as a testament to the hard work and resilience of past generations. As both home to its residents and a destination for visitors looking to gain insight into its legendary past, its beauty can be explored whether through exploring historic landmarks, exploring nature trails or just taking in its atmosphere; Port Royal Plantation provides an unforgettable experience that should not be missed.


    Port Royal Plantation offers the essence of coastal living, situated on Hilton Head Island’s northeastern tip. Here, residents enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, lush landscapes and picturesque sunsets – not to mention being within close proximity to its sandy shores – making this community perfect for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts.

    Port Royal Plantation’s convenient location gives residents easy access to all the island amenities and attractions, from world-class golf courses and shopping districts, to restaurants. Furthermore, Savannah Georgia and Charleston South Carolina both provide ample cultural experiences and entertainment options – making Port Royal Plantation the ideal homebase for exploring this part of South Carolina.

    Port Royal Plantation offers an assortment of diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, each boasting their own distinctive charm. From cozy single-family homes to luxury estates, there’s something to suit everyone here – be it beachfront retreats or homes nestled amid oak trees; Port Royal Plantation will have the ideal residence to call your own!

    Residents of Port Royal Plantation enjoy a strong sense of community and an impressive array of amenities tailored to meet their needs, from tennis courts and swimming pools to walking trails and community centers, there are ample opportunities for residents to gather, socialize and participate in various activities. Its well-maintained streets and lush green spaces add charm, creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for living.


    There are numerous iconic landmarks that showcase both its natural beauty and cultural significance. Of particular interest is the historic Port Royal Golf Club, boasting golf courses designed by acclaimed architects that provide an unmatched golfing experience in a setting featuring beautiful coastal vistas and lush vegetation.

    For those seeking tranquility and connection with nature, the Port Royal Sound Foundation Maritime Center should be on their itinerary. Situated along the Port Royal Sound’s banks, this educational facility features exhibits that celebrate its unique marine ecosystem.


    Port Royal Plantation offers ample recreational opportunities for its residents. This community features a private beach club where they can soak up some sun, swim in crystal-clear waters, or simply unwind with a book in hand. Furthermore, their tennis facilities allow residents to showcase their abilities on the courts and engage in friendly matches against fellow enthusiasts.

    Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in discovering that Port Royal Plantation offers abundant natural beauty, such as nature trails that lead through beautiful forests and marshlands. Here, visitors can hike, bike or birdwatch – there is something here for everyone to appreciate in nature’s great outdoors!


    Port Royal Plantation residents have plenty of shopping options at their disposal when it comes to shopping, including Shelter Cove Towne Centre’s selection of upscale shops, boutiques and restaurants where residents can indulge in retail therapy while sampling delectable culinary treats. Boasting its picturesque waterfront setting and lively atmosphere, Shelter Cove Towne Centre is a favorite spot among both residents and visitors.

    Hilton Head Island is home to many charming shops and galleries where residents can discover special treasures while supporting the arts community. From handcrafted jewelry to one-of-a-kind artwork, there’s boundless inspiration waiting to be discovered on Hilton Head Island.

    Restaurant Life

    Port Royal Plantation is a paradise for foodies, offering an abundance of dining options that meet every craving and every palate. Residents can experience all that the Lowcountry has to offer through its vibrant culinary scene.

    As the island lies close to the ocean, seafood lovers will be in for a treat. Freshly caught seafood prepared with southern flair is often featured on menus; residents can savor its flavors through menu items like shrimp and grits or Lowcountry boil.

    Port Royal Plantation is committed to offering residents access to high-quality educational opportunities. The area features several highly acclaimed public and private schools that prioritize academic excellence as well as holistic development.

    Families with young children will find excellent elementary schools on the island that provide a well-rounded and nurturing education, as well as prestigious high schools which prepare them for success in college and beyond.


    Thanks to its subtropical climate, enjoy pleasant temperatures year-round and an abundance of sunlight.

    Summer months offer warm temperatures with refreshing sea breezes and moderate sea levels, creating the ideal setting for outdoor pursuits and enjoying all that the island offers. Winter temperatures rarely dip below freezing point so residents can continue their favorite outdoor activities year-round.

    Port Royal Plantation provides an incredible real estate opportunity to those wishing to experience all that Hilton Head Island has to offer, thanks to its rich history, stunning location, vibrant neighborhoods, and abundance of amenities. No wonder Port Royal Plantation remains such an attractive choice among those searching for their ideal place on Hilton Head Island home!