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Aug. 20, 2018


Lots of folks find gated communities very alluring. A report by American Housing Survey in 2001 indicated that 4+ million homes in America are in a gated community. Considering the popularity of gated communities is sure to have increased over the last 17 years, you can safely bet that several more have been added to that number.

Evidently, gated communities are an attractive option for home buyers. If you are reading this and consider living in a gated community, there are high security homes for sale in Hilton Head, SC right now that may be of interest to you.  But is a home in one of these neighborhoods the right fit for you and our family? Let's help you make the right decision with some pros and cons. Read on


Privacy and Security

The biggest perk and main reason why lots of homeowners patronize gated communities is clearly because of the security element. Because they are private, it makes it particularly difficult to access if you are an intruder, solicitor or simply not part of the community. This ensures that criminal activity is heavily reduced and this is a thing of beauty especially if you used to deal with crime and/or solicitors before joining the community.

Traffic free

Behind the gates, traffic and speeding cars are greatly reduced making it safe for nonchalant children, dog walkers, joggers or anyone for that matter who enjoys walking near a road without having to stress about getting injured– a common phenomenon occurring when vehicles, often moving too fast or recklessly turn from busy main roads into serene neighborhood roads.

Higher property value

With higher standards of home quality, stricter building codes that enhance uniformity in design, exclusivity due to limited space and HOA, gated communities tend to have higher property values as compared to non-gated neighborhoods. Of course, this does make the properties within gated communities much more expensive. Notwithstanding the costs however, homeowners within gated communities enjoy better value for their money.

A Greater sense of community

Comings and goings are greatly controlled within gated communities making inhabitants greatly aware of who belongs and who does not. This results in greater freedom to trust and form bonds with fellow inhabitants, making block parties, street sports and other events common occurrences in gated communities


Properties are more expensive

As has been indicated earlier, whilst stricter building codes, exclusivity and higher standards of home quality add to stable and increasing property value, they often present the downside of not only shooting up the prices of properties but also making the cost of living within gated quite expensive when compared to non-gated communities.

Community fees may be required

As has been subtly indicated earlier, living in a gated community comes at a cost. Often times there are charges and HOA fees and other bills you may be required to foot along with other inhabitants to cover gate guards, maintenance of roads, gate repair etc.

Entry only with permission

One very irritating thing about gated communities is the cumbersome process involved in granting visitors access to your property as they almost always have to wait in line - a common occurrence during very busy hours - until you call down to the gate. In addition, gated communities tend to put a lid on the time contractors can come and complete a task at your home, even outrightly denying them entry during holidays.


When it comes to housing alternatives, gated communities are quickly becoming the pick of the bunch among homeowners these days. It is true that the costs associated with gated communities are dear but that shouldn't be a wet blanket. The good news is no two gated communities are the same and with each come various pricing; some that may heavily favor your budget right now. Wondering where to start finding one?  https://www.thepattisallgroup.com with tons of housing options is a great place to start.

Aug. 20, 2018


Why Get a Pre Listed House

If you are ready to sell your home and want to ensure that the sale process will go smoothly and quickly, you may want to consider a pre-listing home inspection. For you the seller, it could uncover any concerns that might compromise a sale. Typically, home inspections are paid for by the buyer and performed right before closing the sale of the home. By moving the inspection to the beginning of the sales cycle, you are able to shorten the process by getting rid of any obstacles that can interfere with a potential sale for the price you desire. For you lovely reader out there who may be considering selling your home, it may be of substantial worth and interest to know that there are Sea pines homes for sale at this moment. Read on to find out 5 reasons why you should consider a pre-listing home inspection before putting your house on the market.

Notice in advance

Every property has its own set of quirks and while you may be fairly aware of certain problems present in your home for an inspection, if you’re planning to put it on the market, it can go a long way to fix some issues that may have never caught your attention. With an inspection report detailing certain defects within the building, whether trivial or not, you are alerted way beforehand to make decisions that will play in your favor during the sale as you won't be caught off guard by any major finds from the buyer’s inspection.

D-I-Y option

When you have a pre-listing home inspection conducted, you sometimes get the benefit of saving hundreds of dollars by carrying out very routine repairs yourself which you would otherwise have forwarded to a professional by your prospective buyer should he/she get wind of the problem first-hand. Say, there’s some pretty simple plumbing task you could effortlessly and satisfactorily complete on your own; if the buyer’s inspector finds it before you do however, they are invariably going to mandate that a professional plumber does it and you are going to have to pay for that.

You get to choose the contractor of your choice

Should a project or repair be too much for you to handle so that you require the services of professionals, a pre listing home inspection gives you the opportunity and ample time to shop for the right expert with the right skill at the right price rather than choose an overly expensive one within a limited time frame just to appease your buyer

Informed pricing

There are going to be instances where you just aren’t prepared to undertake any repair or project, probably because it’d be too costly or simply not worth undertaking. What you can do in such a scenario is to let those projects be reflected in the sale price. By allowing whatever issues cannot be fixed to be reflected in the sale price – a lower one at that – you save yourself from footing repairs, amounts of which will not be fully recouped by a buyer’s offer.

Buyer may accept results

Having your house inspected is likely to create an appeal for buyers especially if included in marketing descriptions of the house. Though not the rule in many cases, buyers may be willing to waive the additional inspection during the due diligence period and just accept your pre-listing inspection report.

Make the Choice to move to Sea Pines, SC

For a property buyer, the Sea Pines area of Hilton Head Island is simply a place too good to resist. The forest reserves, ocean views and the warm sandy beaches offer a lifetime of enjoyment and exploration for your whole family. Are you interested in connecting with a property that will leave you pinching yourself with glee every day?


Connect with The Pattisall Group at https://www.thepattisallgroup.com/sea-pines/  and make your dream home a reality!


Aug. 16, 2018

Five Reasons Why You Need The Help Of A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

How Working With A Hilton Head, SC Real Estate Broker Can Save Big Time

So you, my dear, have finally decided to put up your home for sale, but are at a crossroads as to whether to hire the services of a real estate broker or take it upon yourself to close the deal. Hold on, my friend. Just like you wouldn't even entertain the thought of representing yourself in court, don't you think it would make a whole lot of sense to allow a real estate agent to represent you in selling off your property?

By making use of the services of a real estate agent on Hilton Head, you can be sure that you will have unlimited access to the latest market information and advertising resources. With vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills, a real estate agent possesses everything to ensure that your home is sold for the maximum profit possible with as little fuss as possible.

How Does Hiring A Hilton Head Realtor Save Me Money?

1. Hilton Head Realtors Are Pros At Paperwork

Real Estate transactions are no small tasks. They do entail an avalanche of regulations and complex paperwork. Having to deal with such whilst ensuring that every little bit of paperwork is accurately and timely completed can be very stressful. Considering the fact that real estate agents tackle such formalities on a regular basis, they know exactly what to do and how to get them done in a precise and timely fashion.

2. Hilton Head Real Estate Agents Can Get You The Best Estimate

Determining your home value is one of the most important steps to listing your property. While you can do this by yourself online, there are a ton of reasons to let a realtor handle it for you. Real Estate Agents have unlimited access to a wide range of intricate professional network systems which they can turn to when pricing your home. When the need arises, they can simply turn to and solicit information from their colleagues, former clients and other personal contacts to help find quick solutions to pricing systems. Additionally, they also have access to extensive databases about recent sales in your neighborhood that you as a private seller are not privy to. As such, you are guaranteed an accurate and candid evaluation of the value of your home by the real estate agent.

3. Hilton Head Real Estate Companies Have Marketing A Home Down Pat

It is important to note that you cannot complete a transaction or close any deal without first ensuring that potential buyers are at least attracted to your property. Real Estate Agents have access to all possible avenues (including past clients and current agents) for showcasing your home to the world. Furthermore, they have access to what is known as Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is a data hub that contains a comprehensive list of homes that are currently up for sale. A Real Estate Agent working on your behalf ensures that through MLS, information about your house is made readily available to all agents and buyers spread across your area. The Real Estate Agent also knows what combinations of advertising options are available to you (including online marketing, newspaper advertisements, flyers, etc.) and will work best in leading to a higher level of buyer interest.

4. Hilton Head Brokers Are Better Negotiators

First of all, Real Estate Agents, unlike ordinary buyers and sellers, are well able to distance themselves from the emotional side of transactions and avoid creating messes due to how highly skilled they are. They are trained and have ample experience to always represent only your best interests. They will do whatever it takes to present your case in the best light. Trying to carry out negotiations when you are not well adept with the skill can lead to you being taken advantage of and losing out in the end.

hilton head property agent

5. Realtors On Hilton Head Have A Strong Professional Network

Real Estate Agents in addition to being well connected to past clients and other agents, have strong network links with other professionals like architects, handymen, interior designers, contractors, home inspectors and many more, should there be the need for more repair work or the need for your home to meet the standard of your city's housing rules.

Call A Hilton Head Property Broker Now

Whether you are buying or selling a home, an experienced real estate agent is a vital tool, especially when looking for that perfect Island Home. If you are looking to purchase the right property out of the many Hilton Head homes or condos for sale, then knowing your needs in your new Island Home is essential. With the help of our agents, finding your perfect Island Home is made much easier. Visit us today at https://www.thepattisallgroup.com to learn more about how our Hilton Head realtors can assist you in finding your dream home.

The Pattisall Group

18 Green Heron, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, 29928



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Aug. 9, 2018

Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Here’s How A Sea Pines Realtor Like The Pattisall Group Can Save You Money


There are plenty of reasons why a real estate agent is needed when one desires to purchase a house. Admittedly, most people do not know much about the buy-and-sell procedure when it comes to real estate. It is a common notion that when an individual hires people who are more knowledgeable than him, it proves that he is smarter than the person he employs.

Hiring A Sea Pines Realtor Shows You’re Smart About Real Estate


The same is true for real estate agents. A Sea Pines real estate broker is a premier brokerage specialist who is always updated on the local real estate market, especially in when it comes to local properties. The services provided include real estate agents who play a role in looking for the perfect size homes for you and your family. Because of the familiarity and what we know about the marketing, advertising, and selling channels, we can easily locate Sea Pines homes for sale in your preferred price range and area.


Types of Property For Sale In Sea Pines


Sea Pines, perhaps the primary market area of The Pattisall Group, also offers Sea Pines lots for sale. Sea Pines agents and brokerage specialists know the market well. Our real estate agents have a more definite advantage regarding having access to the latest market data so that they can inform lot buyers immediately. They also rely on historical facts so that sound advice can be given to our buyers. We also have neighborhoods like a Shipyard, Palmetto Dunes, Forest Beach, Wexford, Long Cove, Hilton Head Plantation, Palmetto Hall, Indigo Run, Windmill Harbour, and off-island at Colleton River, Belfair, Berkeley Hall, and Palmetto Bluff that are very exclusive.


Furthermore, we can locate Sea Pines villas for sale with the help of our untiring agents. These experienced real estate brokers and agents are well connected to trusted business professionals in house hunting procedures. We, at The Pattisall Group, engage with mortgage lenders, lawyers, inspectors, and locators so that we can recommend a good home for your needs. We have premium oceanfront properties at excellent locations that allow families to enjoy seemingly endless water experiences.


For us to identify potential Sea Pines condos for sale, know that this particular entry point into the Hilton Head market is greater than in other areas. Deciding to buy a condo over a home is a major decision, but it is the right one for many couples, individuals, and even small families. Be familiar with the expensive oceanfront villas and select the locations that fit your budget and desires. We also organize different portfolios of properties to show to our clients. As part of the buying process, detailed contracts and addenda are needed to finalize every transaction. This is where The Pattisall Group real estate agents are well-known and distinguish themselves from the competition. Being expert and knowledgeable to different property values is vital to guide our clients through the process, and especially in decision-making.


Hire A Sea Pines Real Estate Agent Today!


Because we care about our clients, our real estate agents will ultimately process and share knowledge about the entire housing industry for them. Comparing sales and prices, and other facts about the property are one of the more important pieces of data our agents can share with clients. Crime rate, demographics, schools, and other establishments will be known once we are engaged in the buying process. To learn more about buying a property in Sea Pines, South Carolina, visit us at https://www.thepattisallgroup.com/sea-pines/.


The Pattisall Group

18 Green Heron, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, 29928



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Aug. 8, 2018

10 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

hilton head real estate broker

How The Pattisall Group Helps Hilton Head Residents Get The Best Deals For Their Homes

Many home sellers entertain the idea that they do not need a real estate agent in posting their Hilton Head homes for sale on the internet. Amazingly, some do fine without representation. The vast majority of those who did the same fail to find buyers that are willing to purchase the property for their asking price.

Unless you want to conduct an open house every day without certainty as to who will come into your Hilton Head home, we advise you to hire an agent to do the heavy lifting. Hilton Head real estate agencies like The Pattisall Group have been in the area for years and have experience in both buying and selling local property, which can help you get a leg up when selling your own Hilton Head home.

What does a Hilton Head real estate agent do?

Real estate agents help you sell your home regardless of its location. In this situation, say you want to post your Hilton Head condos for sale. We then act as the middleman between you and interested buyers in completing a deal for property sales. Real estate agents are expected to have the proper knowledge and skills to sell your property at the best possible price at the most favorable terms.

After that, we charge a percentage of the final price in every successful Hilton Head oceanfront home sale.

Do I really need a Hilton Head realtor?

The internet may have helped you expose your property to interested buyers. But only real estate agents are capable of connecting you to those who are willing to buy Hilton Head oceanfront condos for sale at your asking price. Hilton Head condos are a great investment, but you’ll need to work with a Hilton Head realtor who understands the market in order to get the best value for your property. Here are the reasons why you need to hire us to help you sell your property:

1. We possess a working knowledge of the real estate market on Hilton Head Island. With our access to data concerning recent sales, we can help you set a reasonable price for your property.

2. Real estate brokers have access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is a database that displays properties currently on sale in Hilton Head and other areas.

3. Hiring us gives you the privilege to get your home listed in the MLS. This makes the property instantly exposed to other real estate brokers in Hilton Head. Many of us search there for potential buyers in the area.

4. We get your house ready for sale and compliant with zonal regulations. Expect us to give tips and areas for improving your house.

In relation to the previous reason, we are connected with certified and licensed home inspectors to provide repairs and other improvements. Your property needs to be compliant with building codes, and should look its best when going up for sale.

More importantly, real estate agents are well versed in handling paperwork. Do not subject yourself to great inconvenience just because you want to save money by not hiring agents.

Real estate agents regularly speak with other agents for Hilton Head real estate. We employ several techniques, such as word of mouth to generate interest in your property.

In the case of showing your house, a real estate agent can help you limit the viewing to those who have a high probability of purchasing your property.

We are well-versed in negotiation. This is extremely helpful in cases of buyers that are too demanding and in maximizing your offer.

Lastly, a real estate agent is professionally trained to facilitate the sale of your house. We also know the time when you need to hire a lawyer, should dispute arise.

Contact A Real Estate Agent On Hilton Head Island Today!

You want to get the most out of selling your property on Hilton Head Island, and we at The Pattisall Group are here to help every step of the way. Visit us today at https://www.thepattisallgroup.com to find out how we can help you sell your home or condo in South Carolina.

The Pattisall Group

18 Green Heron, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, 29928


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Aug. 3, 2018

Choosing The Right Home Starts With The Neighborhood

Why You Need To Work With A Sea Pines Realtor To Find The Perfect Location

Today’s professionals work hard. It’s a challenging world out there with a dog eat dog mentality. Fresh out of college, all you want to do is join the game and start making mega bucks to live the type of lifestyle your ancestors would be proud of; the cars, the travelling to exotic locations, the stock portfolio, and the beautiful family you’ve always wanted.

How Do You Choose A Home For Sale In Sea Pines?

sea pines properties

Choosing where to live is a life changing decision, and your status in life factors into this as well. The environment you want your kids to grow, the neighbors, facilities, access to good schools and club facilities, maintenance, safety and security. All of these are items that you need to consider when you are purchasing a new home.

Affordability is not the problem. Thanks to your success in life, you have the funds to purchase your dream home. You don’t need help affording your dream location, but you might need help finding it. That is where top real estate companies in Sea Pines like The Pattisall Group come into the picture. Sea Pines Plantation has almost forty beautiful neighborhoods to choose from; let us help you find the one for your family!


Best Types of Property For Sale In Sea Pines

Sea Pines has a ton to offer: homes, condos, villas, and even unbuilt lots are available for sale. A lot of the time people don’t even know the type of property that will be the best for them, such as looking at buying a condo vs buying a house. You can also find a Sea Pines home based on the area that you want to live in, such as Sea Pines Ocean, Audubon Pond, Baynard Cove, Beach Lagoon, Greenwood Forest, and Calibogue Cay.

Choosing A Sea Pines Home

These names sound good and they are even better experiences for living spaces. Sea Pines Plantation is one of the safest areas on Hilton Head Island; a gated community perfect for raising your family.

I have had to go on many house and neighborhood inspections with eager real estate agents looking to make a sale. They do the talking. My visit to the neighborhoods like Sea Pines Plantation had me doing the talking. My guide could see the eagerness in my face and she made an effort to take me to the areas that she thought would be most enticing to me as a home buyer.

sea pines oceanfront homes for sale


They were the most full-serviced private community in terms of amenities I have ever seen. They had unique areas that easily distinguished each neighborhood from the others, giving you a good reason to socialize with people from different neighborhoods.

You might not choose a beachfront property, but you could end up good friends with the couple down the block who rent a sandy beachfront accommodation. A great example of the diversity of the communities in Sea Pines is the Heritage Farm area. Heritage Farm has plots for private gardens if you’re someone invested in growing your own produce or herbs.  And who doesn’t in this day and age? Organic living is an increasingly growing trend, and growing my own vegetables is already a plus for this place. Living in a concrete jungle like New York, I have come to appreciate the beautiful, lush environment and serenity offered by the location.

houses for sale in sea pines

As I said in the beginning, it can be really competitive out there. So if you manage to come up in the world and generate great success in your life, why not invest in a great property that you and your family can enjoy? Making the decision of where to live is hugely important, especially if you have a family, so there’s a lot to take into consideration. This is where The Pattisall Group was able to step in and take the wheel. They showed me properties throughout Sea Pines that met or exceeded my expectations; every one a complete gem for its own diverse reasons. The realtors showed me homes for sale in Sea Pines in a way that made me feel like I had stumbled onto an episode of House Hunters.

Make The Choice To Move To Sea Pines, SC

South Carolina is a great place to live overall, but the Sea Pines area of Hilton Head Island is simply too good of a place to resist for this property buyer. The forest reserves, the ocean views, the warm sandy beaches; there is a lifetime of exploration and enjoyment here for the whole family. If you are serious about purchasing a property that will leave you speechless every day, connect with The Pattisall Group at https://www.thepattisallgroup.com/sea-pines/ and make your dream home a reality.

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June 11, 2018

The Top 5 Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2018

Some of the big factors that will affect real estate in 2018 include an increased housing supply, the introduction of Gen Z to the real estate market and the growing senior population. A shift towards smaller homes with better amenities and the ever-growing sharing economy will also play a role in housing trends. 


While housing experts predictions for 2018 tend to vary, the steady economy will lead to more building and increased prices. Here’s what we’re seeing as the main trends in the real estate industry so far this year.

Housing Supply Will Start to Improve

One of the major housing issues over the last three years was a lack of affordable housing. As 2018 progresses, we should start to see supply catching up with demand. While the problem will not be completely solved, new housing will be coming on the market in the second half of 2018.


real estate trends


Opportunities are waiting for builders who are willing to build smaller, lower-cost housing. Many would be home buyers are unable to find a home that meets their need and is reasonably priced. Millennials and Gen Z make up over 150 million potential new home buyers, and they are looking for smaller, more affordable homes in core urban areas. The supply of condos and town homes will begin to rise as builders shift focus to meet demands.


Some of the factors that have influenced the housing shortage include foreign buyers purchasing a high number of properties. Along with rising home prices, new home supplies have been focused in the higher end of the market.

Smaller Homes Becoming Desirable

Big houses with big bills and heavy maintenance requirements are no longer in high demand. As a result of larger debt and greater environmental awareness, youth are trending towards smaller, more energy efficient homes. They are looking for “starter” homes in urban areas. Condos, townhomes and tiny houses that require little maintenance and are less costly than big homes.


real estate trends in Sea Pines Plantation


Baby boomers are also increasing demand for smaller more affordable housing. As they retire, and their children are buying homes of their own, they no longer need their large family homes. They also no longer want the burden of caring for a large house and property. Condo popularity is growing as they offer a low-maintenance environment with other like-minded people.


The green movement is also helping push the small housing market forward. In fact, those who put the environment as one of their top concerns are taking it one step further and are turning to “tiny housing”. These tiny homes of less than 500 square feet are affordable, have a very small footprint and are often movable. We are seeing a generation of young entrepreneurs who are making a living by working while they travel. And now they take their homes with them.

A Shift to Community Living

We are also seeing a shift towards community housing. Young buyers want affordable homes, that are technology driven with plenty of amenities. Living in smaller spaces means buyers are looking to expand their living space with outdoor and common areas. Whether it’s a courtyard, a shared pool or a park, expanded features are what young buyers are looking for. Millennials are seeking a ‘live / work / play’ lifestyle that can be achieved in these communities. 

Increased Rental Market

US homes are at their highest value ever, making it harder to sell big houses in affluent neighborhoods. Some homeowners who are unable to sell are turning to renting instead. As a result of the housing shortage and extremely high prices, there are more renters now than in the last 30 years. So both supply and demand are increasing.


real estate trends on HIlton Head Island


Short-term rentals are also on the rise. The sharing economy has changed the way people look at accommodations when they travel for leisure or business. This presents an opportunity for both home buyers and homeowners.


Buyers can now look at making rental income from vacation properties which makes the prospect of a costly second home more appealing. Homeowners can generate income from renting a room or portion of their home. This allows them to purchase a more expensive home, or to stay in a home they were considering leaving for financial reasons.

Demand for Senior Housing Growing

The demand for senior housing continues to grow as the largest segment of the population starts to look at moving from their family homes. Predictions of a massive need for assisted living were off, and now the challenge is to create enough affordable independent living opportunities. Baby boomers are not willing to accept a generic room with no amenities.


Today’s seniors are looking for apartments and condos or shared accommodations that fit their lifestyles. They are more independent and active than the seniors before them, and they want housing options that reflect that.


real estate trends in Palmetto Dunes Plantation


Those that are transitioning to assisted living homes, are looking for similar things. Exercise areas, fitness classes and on-site health-and-wellness facilities are popular requests.

We’re also looking at a shift in the location of senior housing.


Seniors want to stay in the neighborhoods they have become familiar with or where their families live. So, we will start to see a trend of more living facilities in residential areas. But they still want to have amenities such as pharmacies and medical centers nearby.


Getting Started with Real Estate 

It’s still early in the year, so changes will continue to develop that could shift the market in different directions. If you're looking to buy or sell in 2018, visit the Pattisall Group for expert advice on finding your dream home on Hilton Head Island.

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May 14, 2018

10 Reasons Why Hilton Head Was Named the Best Island in the U.S.

Hilton Head Island is consistently ranked as one of the best travel destinations in the world, bringing to life exquisite dining, imperial fun, world-class golfing, and some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever tread.  


Why Hilton Head was Named the Best Island


Day in and day out, any time of the year, Hilton Head Island has something to offer those who’ve come to experience life at its best. While the attractions above are those that bring many of the more than 12-million visitors to the island every year, there’s many other reasons that so many people choose this South Carolina destination as their vacation spot.


hilton head island living


Read below to learn 10 of the reasons Hilton Head Island is consistently named as one of the best around and make plans to spend your vacation relaxing, unwinding, and living life to the fullest on the island. 


1- Beaches


More than 12-miles of gorgeous coastline exists on Hilton Head, giving vacationers plenty of opportunity to enjoy the waters and sandy beaches all they’d like. Most beaches aren’t crowded, are family-friendly, and open to the public! Visitors can partake in activities they’ve always wanted to experience as well as those they’ve always enjoyed. Scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, and tons of other fun awaits! 


2- Fantastic Weather


Hilton Head Island is located on the South Carolina tip, in close proximity to the Georgia state line. The average daily high on the island is 75 degrees, while daily average low temperature is 57 degrees. Year-round weather this great is worth celebrating.


While April - September are the most popular months for travel to Hilton Head Island, visitors know the great weather is there any time of the year. When there’s pleasant weather, traveling with assurance is always simple. 


3- A Golfers Paradise


Few places offer the same exciting and upscale championship golf as what;s found on Hilton Head Island. Golf Digest has honored many of these courses is numerous ‘best of’ categories, including “Best Courses” and “Best Value.”


hilton head island living


More than 30 courses are spread about the island, each offering fun on the greens year-round. Harbor Town Golf is one of the island’s most desired courses, where even beginners can play with the professionals. In April, the Verizon Heritage games come to Hilton Head, while the PGA Tour is also held in the spring. 


4- Attractions


Art galleries, museums, restaurants, kid-friendly activities, sports, music, and many other activities exist for Hilton Head visitors. While spending an abundance of time on the beach is certainly the main reason many people travel to the island, these additional opportunities for fun shouldn’t be missed, as they offer versatility that concludes a worthwhile, memorable vacation. 


5- Vacation Homes


Vacation homes provide a home-away-from home for visitors who want to avoid hotels. Vacation homes offer various amenities and are stationed in different locations throughout the island. One, two, three, bedroom and larger rentals are available, oftentimes priced cheaper than a hotel while offering so much more.


hilton head island living


Vacation homes offer sleeping areas, kitchens, patios or decks, private beach access, and so much more. All of the important things that travelers oftentimes miss while on vacation are never far away when a vacation home is the chosen lodging option. 


6- Good Eats


Who doesn't enjoy a nice meal prepared and served in an even better setting? Hilton Head has restaurants to accommodate every need, whether you want a romantic spot to spend time with your lover, desire a family-friendly spot with menu items made for the likes of kids, or simply want a home cooked meal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the many restaurants on the island ensure that you are always eating good!


7- A Friendly Community


Some of the south’s friendliest people reside in Hilton Head. Others are visiting from locations around the country, but share the same friendliness as they embark upon the discovery of the island in delight.


hilton head island living


No matter where you go or who you encounter, always expect a warm smile and a friendly hello. It’s just how things are done in the south, especially when you’re amidst the good life on Hilton Head.


8- Relaxing


The sounds of birds signaling a new day’s begun. The refreshing sounds of the ocean splashes. The laughter, the smiles among the crowds, and the plethora of exciting adventures all contribute to the relaxing atmosphere offered on Hilton Head Island. Any traveler visiting the island enjoys the relaxing nature and atmosphere that leaves them rejuvenated and relaxed.


9- Affordable


Getaway packages, comparison shopping, and traveling at the right times are all easy money-saving travel tips for Hilton Head travelers, although the destination is one that most any budget will allow. So many miss out on the fun that is found on the island, assuming they are unable to afford such an excursion. Don't be amongst those people and miss the vacation of a lifetime. A Hilton Head getaway is quite affordable for most any budget.


10- Wildlife


Hunting on Hilton Head Island is one adventure many people enjoy, though the island is oftentimes considered a wildlife sanctuary and has many animals that visitors can explore. The Audubon -Newhall Preserve and Sea Pines Forest Reserve are among the top HHI locations for wildlife explorations.


Living on Hilton Head Island


It’s easy to understand why the island is one so many appreciate, and why it is consistently ranked on ‘best-of’ lists and polls from the who’s who of names. Recently, Travel + Leisure Magazine magazine readers named Hilton Head Island the best island in the U.S. in 2017, and the second best island in the world! 


More than 5 million magazine readers participated in the poll, revealing their fondness of the island. 

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April 9, 2018

How to Find Your Perfect Island Home

Lush beaches, world-class golf, relaxing nature and wildlife, scenic beauty and charm, and a host of other amenities attract thousands of visitors to Hilton Head Island each year.


No one can deny the charm found on the island with 12-miles of coastline, nor the excitement that awaits every waking moment spent engaging in the activities. It is the quaint excitement that attracts so many visitors to the island regularly, and one of many reasons why HHI is oftentimes named as the best island resort and best tourist destination. 


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But, why settle for spending only a few days per year on the island? Living on Hilton Head Island entitles you to the touristy-excitement, but expands your horizons and helps you discover a side of the island that visitors are simply unable to enjoy. When you bask in the glory of the island as a homeowner, it's easy to discover the pleasures life is meant to bring. Finding the perfect island home is the first step in making these dreams become your reality.


Important Questions Need Answers


Hilton Head Island offers an array of home-buying options, including multi-million dollar estates, oceanside condos and villas, low country homes, historic properties, and more. There’s literally a home on the island that’s suitable for all needs, no matter the location, size, or amenities that you crave. The hard part is choosing which of the home styles is most flattering to your budget and desires. To better determine these answers, answer these questions:


  1. Will your new Hilton Head Island home serve as a primary residence or a vacation home? Two different tax brackets are imposed based upon your Beaufort County residency status.
  2. If purchasing a vacation home, will you rent the home when you’re out of town?
  3. How much money can you comfortably afford to pay through mortgage each month? Have you considered HOA and other miscellaneous fees associated with homeownership?
  4. What are your wants in the home? What are your needs for the home? It’s imperative to create a list detailing each. 
  5. Do you prefer a condo, villa, or house? All options are available on Hilton Head.
  6. What are the associated fees of buying a home? This includes HOA fees, property maintenance fees, etc.
  7. What is your preferred home location? Does life on the beach sound amazing? Would you prefer to stay in the back and enjoy a nice South Carolina-style country home? There’s homes scattered about the island. Never settle for a property less than what you want in your home.  

Sit down and ponder each question before answering. This is a major decision that you’re making, and one that affects your future and your finances. Create a list with the answers once you’ve carefully weighed your options. With these answers, selecting the perfect Hilton head Island vacation home is a much easier task and you’ll gain the assurance that you’ve chosen the perfect home to call your own.  


The Price of Home Ownership


Unless you’re paying cash for your Hilton Head Island property, (and, congratulations if you can perform such an action) a mortgage is necessary to pay for the home. You’ll need a down payment of at least 20% of the home price, though more money down reduces the total home cost, interest rates, and other fees.


How to Find Your Perfect Island Home


Next, pre-qualify for a mortgage to simplify the home buying process. Local mortgage lenders know properties well and ensure that you get the best home within your budget and the best interest rates, too.  


A Trusted Real Estate Agent


An experienced real estate agent is an essential tool when searching for the perfect island home. With the right agent, finding your new island home is a cinch. Simply divulge your home desires to the agent and they’ll find the homes matching your needs. The agent can even help provide answers to the questions listed above.


How to Find Your Perfect Island Home


A good agent is involved in the home buying process on a personalized basis, and from beginning to end, ensuring that your needs are always met. Ensure a local real estate agent who knows the local area and neighborhoods is chosen, as their expertise and knowledge sets them apart from the agents who simply want to pocket money for a sale.


Do Your Research


A little research goes a long way when buying a home, especially when your new property is located on an island as immaculate and versatile as Hilton Head Island. It is easy to research the island and each of its unique areas and accommodations to discover those most flattering to your needs. You can browse the homes for sale, the beautiful neighborhoods, the beaches, the schools, and more, discovering the area that most wins over your heart.


How to Find Your Perfect Island Home


Many tools enable easy research of Hilton Head Island and the homes available. Although an expert real estate agent can help you find a great property, nothing is better than first hand knowledge. No one knows better what you want in a home than you do! Use all of the available resources to research the island and the amenities that it has to offer. Research eases the home buying process and it’s tons of fun to learn more about the city you’re soon to call home.



Is it Time to Buy a Hilton Head Island Home?


Knowing your needs in your new island home is an essential component of buying the right Hilton Head property. With the above information, finding your perfect island home is much easier. To further ease the home buying purchase, reach out to The Pattisall Group. As top Hilton Head Island real estate agents, our goal is helping make your dreams come true.


How to Find Your Perfect Island Home


We’re familiar with the area, the homes, and mortgage lenders. We understand how to find the perfect island home for your needs. And, we know how to provide personalized, dedicated services to each client that we serve. No matter what type of property you want to buy, we’ll ensure that you get the right home for your needs. It’s easy to make your island home buying dreams come true when our experts are assisting you every step of the way.

March 14, 2018

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Buying a Home

The Top 5 Things Not to Do When Buying a Home

You’ve been considering buying your very first home. You’re sure your finances are in order, the market is looking good, and there’s nothing else holding you back. Being a first-time homeowner can give you a sense of pride from being able to accomplish the preparation it took just to get here.

It can also help you establish a sense of identity, having a definitive residence that you have invested so much into. But what it can also provide you with is a long-term bout with mental and emotional turmoil – if you’re not careful.

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Many first-time homebuyers don’t tend to consider all the possibilities in which a home purchase can go wrong. Too many unsuspecting people are caught while daydreaming of all the awesome things they’re going to do with their new home that they fail to consider other costs involved.

From interior decorating to landscaping to making renovations and other decisions, even the most judicious of us are seized by homeowner fantasies. Pragmatism kind of just goes out the window.

Even if you’ve already got your pre-approval, found a home you love, made an offer, had your offer accepted, the contract is signed, and you’re waiting to go to escrow, there are important things to watch out for.

Being Cautious Before Buying is Key

Many mistakes made by homebuyers involve mortgages, so it’s important to have an experienced broker by your side – one that is fighting to preserve your interests. This is also someone whose advice you should be paying attention to in order to avoid potential mishaps.

Until the keys are in your hand and the deed is signed, nothing is for certain. It’s during that closing period that some unforeseen obstacles arise, and it all depends on how you act. Some mistakes are costlier than others, and some may even kill the deal entirely.

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, making mistakes can be easy. But making the wrong ones can be ruinous. Avoid the mistakes with these 5 things you shouldn’t do before buying a home.


A lot of people try to prepare for their new home by making major purchases, from sofas and beds to dining room sets and even cars and boats. Many first-time buyers are relying on their mortgage to move in, and accruing credit during closing can affect that mortgage.

Increasing your debt-to-income ratio reduces the amount of monthly income available to pay off your mortgage. This could lead to hard inquiries on your credit report and lower your credit score, which would ultimately hurt your interest rate. In fact, it could even knock you out of the qualifying range altogether. The bank or lender might decide you can’t actually afford the home after all.

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Your loan pre-approval was based on the state of your credit and the debt-to-income ratio at the time of pre-approval, and altering that can be detrimental. Even if you think paying cash for these items might reduce your risk, think again. Mortgage approval from banks includes considering cash reserves. It’s best to even be careful when making minor expenses.

If for some reason it cannot be prevented and you must obtain new credit for a major purchase, talk to your loan officer before going through with it.


It may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to this one. Losing your job is not good for anyone. Even if you intend to change jobs, it’s best to wait. Doing so during closing could be highly problematic. In some instances, it may even be necessary to keep your home purchase close to the chest at work until after closing has happened.

The biggest issue with losing, quitting, or changing your job is with the lenders. Most importantly, you want to show lenders stability. They want to see reliable income. They often look at employment history as well, because if you’ve gone from job to job or haven’t stayed with a single job for a long period of time, they may get nervous.

Lenders want to know that you’ll be capable of making your loan payments and not be defaulting.

You make yourself less appealing to lenders by changing jobs before getting your loan, especially if it’s a job in a new field or to start your own business. Another red flag for them could be an employment shift that causes your entire income to become commission-based. A changing situation shows instability or potential issues with mortgage payments. If any change occurs, talk to your loan officer about it.   


Another important requirement of lenders is to see that your finances are in order. Not just simply in order or stable, but that they’re safe and not going anywhere. When lenders give pre-approval, they do so based on the current state of your finances. To maintain it at all costs.

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Just like with your job and making major purchases, it’s best to wait until after closing before doing it. This also applies to any ideas you may have about changing banking institutions. Some buyers try to shift their finances around to better position themselves. But if a lender sees you moving money around various accounts or to other banks, they’ll want a detailed explanation with clear documentation.

Even after pre-approval, they’ll go back and review your assets and bank records again during the underwriting process, and they should still see the same thing they saw when issuing pre-approval. When the money you used for a down payment has been sitting in your account for at least two months, they call that “seasoning.” Any observable change to that will be a red flag.


Just like with your credit, you don’t want to fall behind on loan payments. Lenders look at credit history and other loans you may have acquired for various purposes. Your credit will be viewed again before the mortgage is finalized, and any missed payments could lead to the loan being lost. Don’t believe that once the loan is committed you are safe. Lenders have the right to revoke it.

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Being late on a payment once may not seem like a huge deal. And sometimes it’s not. But if that late payment shows up for a mortgage or rent payment, some lenders will cancel it altogether. Some lenders require 12 consecutive months of on-time payments to qualify for the loan. Remember, stability is key.


Many will argue that co-signing any kind of loan is a bad move. It certainly is risky, if not bad altogether. But co-signing a mortgage loan is the kiss of death. Even if you’re the primary person on the loan, being a co-signer means you’re obligating yourself to be financially liable for someone else’s debt. That means that they will come looking for you when they aren’t getting their payments.

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Sure, the other co-signer may be the most responsible person you’ve ever known, but there’s more to it than that. Lenders still need to factor in this new monthly obligation into your affordability profile. Considering someone else’s credit, income, and debt history will offset your assets and debt-to-income ratio with an increase. Some lenders disapprove of co-signing, period. It’s understandable you want to help someone out, but ensure that your situation and finances are stable and consistent before doing so.

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