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    Hilton Head Plantation Homes for Sale

    Welcome to Hilton Head Plantation, an idyllic community on South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island. Renowned for its stunning homes and charming neighborhoods, Hilton Head Plantation provides an unforgettable living experience suited for everyone – young professionals looking for tranquility or retirees seeking an active lifestyle will all find something of interest here. In this article, we will examine its rich history, vibrant lifestyle, exceptional amenities, favorable weather, exciting recreational opportunities, excellent schools, convenient shopping options, and vibrant restaurant scene that make Hilton Head Plantation such an ideal place.


    Hilton Head Plantation’s long and distinguished history dates back to European exploration in the early 1600s. Once home to Native American tribes, it quickly rose in significance during the American Civil War as a strategic location.

    Hilton Head Island served as an important Union base of operations during the Civil War, serving as a launchpad for their naval blockade of the Southern coastline. Hilton Head’s strategic position allowed Union forces to control entry to Port Royal Sound – a vital supply route for Confederacy forces – while an army presence established itself to defend against potential Confederate attacks.

    Today, the plantation honors its past with preserved historical landmarks and a strong sense of heritage that can be felt across its community. Remnants from the Civil War era can still be seen at Fort Walker – built by Union army to defend against Confederate assaults – while visitors can explore its remains to imagine intense battles that once took place on this island.

    Hilton Head Plantation boasts an illuminating past. Residents can immerse themselves in its stories at the Coastal Discovery Museum, featuring interactive exhibits and guided tours that chronicle its Native American past, Civil War period, and eventual transition into a vibrant community.

    Various cultural events and festivals that commemorate its heritage and provide residents with a greater understanding of its history occur throughout the year. For instance, the Gullah Festival showcases the distinctive culture and traditions of its Gullah people — descendants of African slaves brought here during plantation times — while featuring live music performances, traditional crafts demonstrations, delicious Gullah cuisine samples as well as delicious Gullah cuisine; visitors to this event experience all aspects of Hilton Head Island’s rich cultural tapestry.

    Hilton Head Plantation also offers educational programs and workshops that explore specific aspects of its history, such as its impact of Civil War on local communities, the role agriculture plays in shaping its economy, or sharing stories of influential figures who have made an impressionable mark at Hilton Head Plantation.

    Residents have many ways of connecting with its history – whether exploring historic landmarks, attending cultural events, or participating in educational programs – which give them ample chances to connect with its storied past. A sense of history pervades this community as a constant reminder of its resilience and the unique narratives that have helped create its identity over the centuries.


    Living at Hilton Head Plantation is truly unique, especially given its prime location. Residents enjoy access to golf clubs, tennis courts, leisure trails and nature conservancies; not to mention an expansive community recreation center offering many activities and amenities.

    Since Hilton Head Plantation’s growth, so has its connection to golf. With the opening of Dolphin Head Golf Course attracting golf enthusiasts from around the globe, the allure of Hilton Head Plantation as an appealing residential destination is clear.

    Hilton Head Plantation’s growth has spurred development in neighboring communities such as Palmetto Hall, Indigo Run and Windmill Harbour.

    Hilton Head Plantation provides its residents with luxurious surroundings and leisure trails that complement an exceptional lifestyle. Nearby communities such as: Palmetto Hall, Indigo Run, Windmill Harbour and Hickory Forest further add to this unparalleled lifestyle experience.

    Living in this esteemed residential community holds great appeal and charm, whether you prefer active or relaxing living styles. Hilton Head Plantation caters to every whim and desire with its vibrant community life and many leisure activities available nearby, making homes for sale in Hilton Head Plantation highly sought-after.

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    Hilton Head Plantation offers an assortment of retail opportunities that will appeal to shoppers of all kinds, ranging from local boutiques and centers, such as Shelter Cove Towne Centre in Wexford Village at Wexford Harbour Town Coligny Plaza Shopping Center. Shelter Cove Towne Centre at Wexford Village is a world-class destination that promises hours of enjoyment in luxury.

    Amenities and Attractions

    Hilton Head Plantation offers more than just stunning beauty — it is also an attractive destination with numerous amenities and attractions that cater to a range of interests and pursuits.

    Some of the known, world-class golf courses:

    • The Country Club of Hilton Head
    • Oyster Reef Golf Club
    • Dolphin Head Golf Course Bear Creek Golf Course

    Hilton Head Plantation’s outstanding golf courses provide ample opportunities for golf enthusiasts to develop their swing. Alongside these great courses, there is also a variety of recreational facilities including pavilions, fire pits, picnic areas, leisure paths, playgrounds and tennis/volleyball courts for visitors’ use.
    Residents will have access to plenty of amenities they can take advantage of, including beach access, shopping, dining, and cultural attractions – making the area highly attractive both to residents and visitors alike.

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    Community Life and Events

    Hilton Head Plantation’s vibrant community life and events serve as evidence of its residents’ strong sense of belonging and camaraderie, thanks to the property owner’s association. Activities and clubs organized by them ensure everyone can find something they enjoy – for instance Easter Sunrise Service, Egg Hunts & Brunches, Trash & Treasure Sales, and indoor/outdoor concerts are just a few examples.

    With so many possibilities available, there’s always something happening within this community.

    Hilton Head Plantation residents enjoy enriching events on an annual calendar that provide historic and artistic excursions, seminars, classes and Tai Chi lessons to further improve their lives and well-being. Tai Chi classes and tennis training provide opportunities to learn new skills while improving overall well-being.
    Hilton Head Plantation’s Newcomers Club events play a critical role in creating a sense of community among new residents, providing a chance for newcomers to meet members of their new neighborhood and establish connections that ensure everyone feels supported in their new home.

    Restaurant Life

    Hilton Head Plantation offers an incredible culinary scene, from casual eateries to fine dining establishments specializing in fresh seafood and Lowcountry cuisine – so your taste buds will always be satisfied.

    Residents can indulge in exquisite dishes prepared by talented local chefs, enjoy waterfront dining experiences or simply unwind with a refreshing beverage at one of Hilton Head Plantation’s many cozy bars or cafes dotted throughout its community. Hilton Head Plantation’s restaurant life never ceases to impress; residents can satisfy all their cravings without traveling far from home.

    Real Estate

    For an enjoyable and memorable Hilton Head experience, Sea Pines Resort is an excellent option. Offering golf, tennis, fishing, biking and horseback riding activities along with plenty of lodging, this plantation makes an unforgettable stay.

    Wexford Plantation is the most expensive neighborhood on Hilton Head Island with an average home listing price of over $2.5M; by contrast, Squire Pope offers much more reasonable home values at $239K.

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    Hilton Head Plantation currently contains 4,200 homes with 140 undeveloped home sites, making up nearly 10% of the total housing stock.

    HHP is truly a remarkable place to call home, with natural beauty, rich history, outstanding amenities and welcoming community spirit – offering something for everyone looking for either peace or excitement in life. Discover coastal living at its finest while experiencing why Hilton Head Plantation remains such a sought-after destination among residents and visitors alike.