Lush beaches, world-class golf, relaxing nature and wildlife, scenic beauty and charm, and a host of other amenities attract thousands of visitors to Hilton Head Island each year.

No one can deny the charm found on the island with 12-miles of coastline, nor the excitement that awaits every waking moment spent engaging in the activities. It is the quaint excitement that attracts so many visitors to the island regularly, and one of many reasons why HHI is oftentimes named as the best island resort and best tourist destination.

But, why settle for spending only a few days per year on the island? Living on Hilton Head Island entitles you to the touristy-excitement, but expands your horizons and helps you discover a side of the island that visitors are simply unable to enjoy. When you bask in the glory of the island as a homeowner, it’s easy to discover the pleasures life is meant to bring. Finding the perfect island home is the first step in making these dreams become your reality.

Important Questions Need Answers

Hilton Head Island offers an array of home-buying options, including multi-million dollar estates, oceanside condos and villas, low country homes, historic properties, and more. There’s literally a home on the island that’s suitable for all needs, no matter the location, size, or amenities that you crave. The hard part is choosing which of the home styles is most flattering to your budget and desires. To better determine these answers, answer these questions:

  1. Will your new Hilton Head Island home serve as a primary residence or a vacation home? Two different tax brackets are imposed based upon your Beaufort County residency status.
  2. If purchasing a vacation home, will you rent the home when you’re out of town?
  3. How much money can you comfortably afford to pay through mortgage each month? Have you considered HOA and other miscellaneous fees associated with homeownership?
  4. What are your wants in the home? What are your needs for the home? It’s imperative to create a list detailing each.
  5. Do you prefer a condo, villa, or house? All options are available on Hilton Head.
  6. What are the associated fees of buying a home? This includes HOA fees, property maintenance fees, etc.
  7. What is your preferred home location? Does life on the beach sound amazing? Would you prefer to stay in the back and enjoy a nice South Carolina-style country home? There’s homes scattered about the island. Never settle for a property less than what you want in your home.

Sit down and ponder each question before answering. This is a major decision that you’re making, and one that affects your future and your finances. Create a list with the answers once you’ve carefully weighed your options. With these answers, selecting the perfect Hilton head Island vacation home is a much easier task and you’ll gain the assurance that you’ve chosen the perfect home to call your own.

The Price of Home Ownership

Unless you’re paying cash for your Hilton Head Island property, (and, congratulations if you can perform such an action) a mortgage is necessary to pay for the home. You’ll need a down payment of at least 20% of the home price, though more money down reduces the total home cost, interest rates, and other fees.

Next, pre-qualify for a mortgage to simplify the home buying process. Local mortgage lenders know properties well and ensure that you get the best home within your budget and the best interest rates, too.

A Trusted Real Estate Agent

An experienced real estate agent is an essential tool when searching for the perfect island home. With the right agent, finding your new island home is a cinch. Simply divulge your home desires to the agent and they’ll find the homes matching your needs. The agent can even help provide answers to the questions listed above.

A good agent is involved in the home buying process on a personalized basis, and from beginning to end, ensuring that your needs are always met. Ensure a local real estate agent who knows the local area and neighborhoods is chosen, as their expertise and knowledge sets them apart from the agents who simply want to pocket money for a sale.

Do Your Research

A little research goes a long way when buying a home, especially when your new property is located on an island as immaculate and versatile as Hilton Head Island. It is easy to research the island and each of its unique areas and accommodations to discover those most flattering to your needs. You can browse the homes for sale, the beautiful neighborhoods, the beaches, the schools, and more, discovering the area that most wins over your heart.

Many tools enable easy research of Hilton Head Island and the homes available. Although an expert real estate agent can help you find a great property, nothing is better than first hand knowledge. No one knows better what you want in a home than you do! Use all of the available resources to research the island and the amenities that it has to offer. Research eases the home buying process and it’s tons of fun to learn more about the city you’re soon to call home.

Is it Time to Buy a Hilton Head Island Home?

Knowing your needs in your new island home is an essential component of buying the right Hilton Head property. With the above information, finding your perfect island home is much easier. To further ease the home buying purchase, reach out to The Pattisall Group. As top Hilton Head Island real estate agents, our goal is helping make your dreams come true.

We’re familiar with the area, the homes, and mortgage lenders. We understand how to find the perfect island home for your needs. And, we know how to provide personalized, dedicated services to each client that we serve. No matter what type of property you want to buy, we’ll ensure that you get the right home for your needs. It’s easy to make your island home buying dreams come true when our experts are assisting you every step of the way.


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