In the modern age, finding a connection to nature, a balance in life and a place to call home can be a daunting challenge. Palmetto Bluff has taken the effort out of the search by restoring a time that has long been forgotten. They have recreated a life that is in harmony with the land around it and fulfilled on physical, social and spiritual levels.

Located on over 22,000 organic acres is a community that has artfully intertwined the luxuries of today with the natural beauty of the past. They have embraced the authenticity of the South Carolina Lowcountry by preserving the flora and fauna while building a home for those who wish to step back and breathe a little. From lamp-lit streets to a village market, life couldn’t get more idyllic. Yet enjoying the simple things does not mean giving up on the finer things.

Palmetto Bluff also has one of the most pristine golf courses in the country, equestrian stables of the highest standards, sports and recreation to suit all interests and a selection of dining establishments that will astonish the most discerning of palates. To keep life interesting, they have also put together an events calendar that commemorates the sounds and tastes of southern living, filled with music, gastronomic confections and quality social experiences for all ages.

Due to the natural variety found in the Lowcountry, a day in Palmetto Bluff can be lost in the shade of a gigantic living Oak, spent lounging on the sand bar revealed by the tides of May River or gliding along the waters of the lagoon. Fire up the grill with the day’s catch or head over to one of the town’s picturesque eateries to share the magic of your day with the one’s you love. Palmetto Bluff real estate is about community, a preservation, a lifestyle and a home. Find out how to be part of more!